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La 4L’erie, sponsored by EFI Automotive Service

La 4L’erie, sponsored by EFI Automotive Service


For the record, the 4L Trophy is a car rally – mainly aimed at students in France, but now attracting interest throughout Europe – with a dual objective: to win the competition, of course, but also to work towards a humanitarian goal.

Organized every year since 1997, it links France and Morocco, crossing the relentless Sahara desert, and has gone from strength to strength, bringing together almost 600 teams of two adventurers, aged between 18 and 28. Taking into account the organization, approximately 1,000 cars (and a few trucks) take part in each edition, and as we mentioned earlier, while there is a ranking at the finish – rewarding the crew having covered the fewest kilometers – the aim is also, and even more importantly, to bring school supplies and toys to underprivileged children in Morocco.

Unsurprisingly, the cars that can take part in this rally are exclusively Renault 4Ls, an emblematic model of the 1960s and 1970s. The roads – or rather, the lack of roads through the desert – are particularly difficult, as are the weather conditions, making this a real adventure for the participants. On the other hand, they are sure to have a memorable experience, not only during the bivouacs, but also through enriching encounters with the local population.


Perceived as a voyage of initiation by many participants, the 4L Trophy also represents a considerable logistical challenge. The main concern is to ensure the safety of drivers and co-drivers, and we all know that in the vastness of the desert, the threat to health is very real in the event of a breakdown that lasts a little too long, or even if the vehicle gets lost far from the tracks.

In practical terms, therefore, each 4L is fitted with a geolocation beacon, enabling the rapid detection of a crew that is totally “out of the race”, and an assistance number is naturally available, establishing a direct link with the “Race HQ”. A team of 85 mechanics, a dozen emergency doctors, firefighters, a Red Cross team and a helicopter to fly over the desert are also on hand.

That the organizers can boast of three decades of desert expeditions is undoubtedly a vote of confidence for the participants – but also, it has to be said, for their parents and sponsors! And since we’re on the subject of sponsorship, the transition to the next point is a no-brainer …

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