Aftermarket activity

Industrialization of innovative projects

Our expertise


Although our history has been marked by its “Original Equipment” production phase, which has led us to strive for excellence, EFI Automotive Service now has its own development and industrialisation capacity.

Sometimes assisted by partners, sometimes alone, the EFI Automotive Service teams have been bolstered to design products of a high quality level, from the development phase to marketing, including the creation of the production line. More specifically, the teams master the various stages of the production process: resinning, winding, overmoulding, assembly, crimping and functional control.

Among the strengths of the Joinville site are Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) and 3D printing, which enables us to develop products and validate concepts before industrialisation.

The site is also equipped with a state-of-the-art test laboratory, which allows us to conduct both product conformity checks and real-life testing (e.g., coil endurance tests).


The various partnerships we have built up in recent years have enabled the Supply Chain teams to improve their skills, particularly in customising packaging for specific customers. At the same time, picking and order preparation management has been optimised and has produced convincing results.

With 2,150m² dedicated to distribution, EFI Automotive Service manages more than 6,000 product references with a service rate of 90%. With 350 delivery points worldwide, our teams master all the ins and outs of international distribution (including customs issues).