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EFI Automotive Service’s offer is currently structured around two brands, one of which (Bougicord®) has enjoyed worldwide recognition for several decades:


In 1959, the Bougicord® brand’s inception followed the publication, two years earlier, of a decree imposing interference suppression on new vehicles – in order to combat the “radio pollution” that was impacting television broadcasts. This new range of ignition wire sets became quite successful, and the Bougicord® became an iconic must-have in France and abroad. Today, the brand still offers this range, but also various ignition parts (heads, rotors, igniters, etc.) and, of course, several hundreds of ignition coils


This brand encompasses the sensor ranges offered by EFI Automotive Service, providing our customers with a broad and relevant offer. More specifically, we market sensors associated with engine and transmission management (camshaft, crankshaft, fuel pressure, etc.), but also with the exhaust system (temperature, DPF, etc.). But furthermore, we also offer sensors related to the comfort and safety of vehicle occupants, from ABS to air conditioning pressure switches.

For your information, these ranges contain references directly from our Original Equipment production lines. In addition, in order to take into account the urgent need to reduce motorised travel’s carbon footprint, the EFI Automotive Sensor brand is incorporating an increasing volume of products for hybrid and electric models. These include brake pedal and electric motor position (EMPOS) sensors.