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Extended ignition coil warranty

Extended ignition coil warranty

The quality and performance of our Bougicord® ignition coils have always been our top priorities. And, in 2022, we’re proving it once again by extending their guarantee to 5 years* (compared with 2 previously).

Our coils are manufactured in France, at our Joinville site (Grand-Est region). We’re proud to be the only French manufacturer of ignition coils, and our know-how and expertise in the field are well established.

With more than 400 coil references in our range, and a coverage rate of more than 90% on the French market, we have become a key player in ignition products. Founded in 1959, the Bougicord® brand has survived the decades without losing its reputation, and is still recognised by our customers around the world.

Extending this guarantee is our way of strengthening our commitment to our customers so that we remain their trusted partner.

*Applicable from 1 January 2022. Warranty conditions remain unchanged for returns occurring
returns that occur before the 2-year guarantee period. The additional 3-year extension is subject to the following conditions: the vehicle must have been driven less than 80,000 km since installation, and proof must be provided that the spark plugs (in the same operation) and all the Bougicord® ignition coil(s) in the repaired engine have been replaced.


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