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Brake pedal sensors

The advent of the autonomous car has highlighted the fundamental importance of having good sensors. That being said, we have long been committed to providing effective – and reliable – sensors to our customers. So whether you are looking for engine and transmission sensors, or for comfort and safety – not to mention emissions and e-mobility – you should definitely take a look at our range.

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pedal sensors

Aiming to optimize the control of vehicle dynamics for the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers, the brake pedal sensor is a major contributor to the optimization of regenerative braking in electric and hybrid vehicles.

More specifically, it provides the inverter (converter that transforms direct current into alternating current) with information about the brake pedal angle to maximize regeneration.

The brake pedal sensor is also used to monitor the brake pedal’s position to directly activate the brake light and precisely interrupt cruise control.

As the automotive market is undergoing many changes, we are already integrating products for electrified vehicles (plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles) into our range. Grouped together under the heading of e-mobility, we see these new products as innovations to gradually incorporate into our aftermarket ranges – the brake pedal sensor being one of them.