Aftermarket activity

Industrialization of innovative projects

Industrial acceleration


In a rapidly changing automotive world, our company had to identify other areas of development, enabling it to anticipate these changes and also to position itself on new markets. With 45 years of experience in the automotive industry, our teams have acquired a perfect command of high-level manufacturing standards. And since 2018, we have been making them available to start-ups and companies of the future in order to accelerate their growth.

Either through a collaboration with Axandus, the accelerator of the EFI Automotive Group (to which we belong) or independently. Our strategy revolves around three areas of expertise, all of which have IoT (Internet of Things) in common. More specifically, we are active in the following areas:

Depending on the project and the supported company’s needs, the EFI Automotive Service teams are able to offer personalised services. Thus, while it is possible to offer support from the pre-industrialisation phase to delivery to the end consumer, our customer can also select only certain services, such as prototyping.

If you would like to know more about the start-ups we have already helped, please visit Our projects page; and/or if you are considering support for your company, please contact us.